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Fast + foolproof link creation

Whenever you create a link, we save the data and it's at your fingertips next time you need it. No more wondering whether you use '' or 'twitter'.

Automatic branded shortlinks

Use your own domain (or your client's) to create trustworthy, branded shortlinks (like No more long, confusing links or untrustworthy generic shortlinks. Setup takes less than 2 minutes and after that, it's all automated!.

Best-practice presets

If you don't already have a naming convention, we include presets that follow UTM best practices. Plus, they're editable if you decide to do things differently.

Add images + private notes to your links

The perfect tool for paid media campaigns. Include a screenshot of your ad, button, banner, or other creative and store it alongside your link for easy reference.

Search, filter, and sort your links

Find whatever link you need in just a few clicks, whether it's from yesterday or last year. Get the whole picture when analyzing results and planning your next campaign.

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After your trial, is just $49/month.
Get Started at $49
How it works

In 3 easy steps


Set up shortlink domain

After creating your account, follow our step-by-step guide to get your own branded shortlink. This puts your brand first and builds trust with your audience.

Create UTM links

Once your shortlink is up, start building your link library. Not sure where to start? Check out our demo videos to get some inspiration.

Measure Your Marketing

Now that your links are live, start measuring traffic and conversions across your domains. UTM link data will automatically populate under the 'Campaigns' tab in Advanced Analytics.

Increase your CTR 3X times with branded Shortlinks

Choose the Plan That Works Best for You

Monthly Annually
Individuals/ Businesses
/ year
  • Custom Domains - 1
  • QR Codes - 10 Per year
  • UTM Links - 100 Links / year
  • Branded Short links - 100 Links / year
  • Link Tracking - 50K / year
  • Analytics - Basic
  • Users - 1
Large Businesses
/ year
  • Custom Domains - 5
  • QR Codes - 150 Per year
  • UTM Links - 25000Links / year
  • Branded Short links - 2500 Links / year
  • Link Tracking - 1M / year
  • Analytics - Advance
  • Users - 10
Individuals/ Small Businesses
/ month
  • Custom Domains - 1
  • QR Codes - 10 Per Month
  • UTM Links - 100 Links/ Month
  • Branded Short links - 100 Links/ Month
  • Link Tracking - 50K/ Month
  • Analytics - Basic
  • Users - 1
Large Businesses
/ month
  • Custom Domains - 5
  • QR Codes - 150 Per Month
  • UTM Links - 2500 Links/ Month
  • Branded Short links - 2500 Links/ Month
  • Link Tracking - 1M/ Month
  • Analytics - Advance
  • Users - 10

What People Say About Us.

Digital marketing agency

" I definitely recommend to digital marketers & entrepreneurs. As a digital marketing agency it's crucial to gather data/insights on every campaign, this is a great tool for creating and managing UTM Links."

Head of Customer Experience
B2B SaaS

" I really like that saves my links in a history that I can reference later. I feel like with Google they are lost forever once I make one."

Media agency

" *bows down* I am sending this to every media agency - I literally had 10 calls today because of UTM tracking links..."

Marketing analytics agency

"Extremely useful for folks who are looking for a simple interface to create and manage tracking tags, or who don't currently use utm tagging and need a tool to get started"

Marketing Director
B2C Subscription Firm

" has been a useful business tool for us to quickly and easily setup and identify the success of various campaigns. It saves us time and ensures we are appropriately tracking all digital channel"

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